Important message series

During the last three Sundays of November, I am sharing a three message series on the church.  In this series of messages, I have dealt with some of the key questions that people have about church life today:  What is the church?  Is it still important to attend church in today’s digital world?  Why should I support a local church with all of the problems that churches have?  What is a church supposed to be doing anyway?  Here are the links to the messages/podcasts for you…

November 16, 2014     “The What & Why of the Church”

November 23, 2014    “What’s a Church to Do?”

Particularly for our Lakeside church family who may have missed one or both of these messages, while you have some time off work this week, I urge you to take the time and watch these vital messages. They are foundational to where we are heading as a church into the future.  Of course, all of my messages are available for anyone in the world to watch.  It is my prayer that the Lord will use these messages in a great way at Lakeside – as well as local churches in many places.

Stay faithful. Let’s BE the church!

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