Psalm 100 and the reason for our “thanks”

This is Thanksgiving week, and at some point along the way this week, each of us will likely think about how we should be more thankful.  The truth is that it is difficult in to be thankful in our American culture that breeds dissatisfaction on every hand. We have to work at thankfulness.  No questionContinue reading “Psalm 100 and the reason for our “thanks””

When you don’t feel like Thanksgiving

For many Christians, next week is very positive. It’s Thanksgiving week. It’s a short work week and a time to gather with family.  Oh yes, there’s quite a bit of food involved too!  However, for some Christians, the very thought of Thanksgiving week is almost unbearable. How could that be?  If you have ever experiencedContinue reading “When you don’t feel like Thanksgiving”

Update / Praying for My Hope with Billy Graham

Thank you all for your prayers during this time of transition. The first few weeks at Lakeside have gone very well. Day by day, Lakeside feels more like “home.”  I have had several people ask me about sermons on the church website. I am happy to report that they are now current after our MediaContinue reading “Update / Praying for My Hope with Billy Graham”