Visiting with an Old Friend – Psalm 27

This week leading up to Easter, I am consciously trying to spend less time looking at a screen (either the TV or my iPad) and more time consciously in the Word.  Tonight as I settled in for the evening and began to catch up on my Bible reading plan, I realized that tonight’s reading wouldContinue reading “Visiting with an Old Friend – Psalm 27”

A needed lesson on Baptist polity

This week the Madison Baptist Association in Huntsville has made the news because of the action they took on Tuesday to remove Weatherly Heights Baptist Church from fellowship in the association. This action stemmed from the support of and participation in gay weddings by some ministers from the church.  As I watched & read theContinue reading “A needed lesson on Baptist polity”

A Powerful Word in a Changing World

It’s so wonderful when the Word of God speaks to us in a new and fresh way. Over the weekend in my personal Bible reading Psalm 12 jumped off the page for me. As many times as I have read it, it is more meaningful to me today than ever before. First please allow meContinue reading “A Powerful Word in a Changing World”