The best investment advice

On several recent occasions, I have overheard conversations among people about their investments. Sometimes people share about their investment adviser, and other times they discuss the latest stocks that have performed well. There is certainly nothing wrong with attempting to invest wisely – I do it myself.  However, we must remember that the most importantContinue reading “The best investment advice”

25 years ago – Always an Ider Hornet

During this week of graduations for our local high schools, it hit me that it was 25 years ago this week that I graduated from Ider High School… Yes, I was part of class of 1988 at Ider High School. There were 72 of us in our graduating class. As I look at this pictureContinue reading “25 years ago – Always an Ider Hornet”

What I have learned from the life of David

Last night during our Wednesday evening service, I finished a series on the life of David.  Over a period of several months, I covered all the major events in his life as recorded in scripture.  Like every preacher, I had preached some messages on some key events in David’s life, but I had never lookedContinue reading “What I have learned from the life of David”

Two overlooked things that God has given

While I am a pastor who preaches every week and often multiple times per week, one of the great privileges of my life is to also sit under the expository preaching ministry of our Senior Pastor, Dr. Jimmy Jackson.  During his message yesterday morning, he preached from these verses… “His divine power has given usContinue reading “Two overlooked things that God has given”

A thoughtful response to the gay marriage issue

I just came across this interview from USA Today.  The Catholic Archbishop of San Francisco gives a very thoughtful defense of traditional marriage and the life of the unborn. While I certainly would have many theological disagreements with Archbishop Cordileone, I do admire his very strong stand on these issues and his responses are wellContinue reading “A thoughtful response to the gay marriage issue”