Why a Fall Festival is a good investment for your church

This Sunday we will have the annual Fall Festival at the church I serve.  This is probably the 20th consecutive year or so that I have participated in one of these as a pastor.  They have taken many forms, depending on the church and community context.  If you don’t attend Lakeside where I serve, your church is very likely having some type of similar event. While I have not yet heard this at Lakeside, over the years I have had numerous members at the churches I have served talk with me about how such events are “a waste of money” and “all they are is a bunch of people who will never come back to the church.”  Most of the time, they prefaced their argument with something like, “I don’t think our church should spend money like this during such uncertain times.”   While I am certainly in total agreement with scrutinizing how we use the Lord’s money given through our churches, please allow me to share why I believe a Fall Festival is a good investment for your church (and mine).

It is a good investment because you will get lost people to come.  I have personally met people who do not know Christ at every single Fall Festival I have ever attended.  A Fall Festival type event is something that everyone can feel comfortable bringing their family to.  There is great value in that.  While most churches do not have a “sermon” during the Fall Festival, many churches give out gospel tracts in with all of the “goodies” and attempt to register people so that they can follow up.  Personally, I am praying to have the opportunity to share the gospel with someone this Sunday at our Fall Festival.  It’s much more relaxed to strike up a conversation at the Fall Festival while the kids are in the inflatables or they are munching on popcorn!

It is a good investment because you will minister to people while they are there.  At an event like the Fall Festival, you just have conversations with people that do not happen in the mad dash through the atrium after the morning services.  It can be a family that have you haven’t seen at church in a while. It can be someone you haven’t had a chance to talk with in a few months. The opportunities are endless when so many people gather. Take advantage of them.  This is why I just walk around and talk to people all during the Fall Festival.  The chance to minister grace comes regularly.

It is a good investment because the whole church is working together. At the Fall Festival, you will see your entire church family all together doing the same thing.  There is great value in that. It builds unity and reinforces the church as the body of Christ.

So, go support your church’s Fall Festival.  Sign up to help, and, when your shift is done, go find someone you don’t know and strike up a conversation with them.  You will be glad you did and you will honor Christ.

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