Devoted – The Life of Abraham

Last Sunday at Lakeside, I began a message series on the life of Abraham called “DEVOTED.”  In the first message, we talked about how Abraham’s tent represented his relationship with the world and his altar represented his relationship with God. In case you missed last Sundays message, below is a link where you can watch it…

This Sunday we will talk about how devotion to the Lord is a series of choices every single day – “Devotion is a Choice” from Genesis 13-14.   If you read those chapters you will see that Abraham’s nephew Lot made some very unwise choices while Abraham made choices that honored God.  Both of these men have much to teach us about the choices we make every day.  In fact, Lot’s unwise choices started out with a single look at a city called Sodom.  Here is an excerpt from Sundays message…

Lot looked toward Sodom and that was the beginning. Have you ever stopped to think about how much power there is one look? One look at that person who is not your spouse. One look at that money. One look at that picture. One look at that website. Lot took one look – and it changed his life because it affected his choices.

I am praying this message series challenges and blesses our Lakeside church family as well as many others who connect via the internet.  In case you are wondering, here are the upcoming messages….

“Devotion is a Choice” Genesis 13-14

“Devoted to a Mission” Genesis 12:13, 15:1-6

“Devoted through Failure”  Genesis 20

“Devoted through Blessing”  Genesis 17:18-22, Genesis 21

“Devoted through Testing”   Genesis 22

“Devoted in Marriage”   Genesis 23

“Devoted till Death”   Genesis 25:1-10

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