Graduation Prayers

This is graduation season.  Young men and women are graduating from high school and college. It is a great time of excitement and joy.  As a pastor, I will have the privilege of praying over the graduates from Lakeside in the services this Sunday morning.  As a friend, I have watched some young men and women grow up who are special to me and my family.  They are graduating this week too.  I am praying for these graduates, so I decided to share what I am specifically praying for them.

1.  I am praying they will love Christ and always live to honor Him. I tell my own sons this saying often:  I want you to be successful in life but I want you to love Christ if you do nothing else.  If a person loves Christ and lives their lives to honor Him, then they have been successful.  If a person does not, then no amount of money or recognition can bring true success.

2. I am praying they will marry wisely and establish Christian homes. Next to the decision to follow Christ, the most important decision that a person makes is whom they will marry.  As a pastor, I have seen the pain that comes when a person marries unwisely.

3.  I am praying they will have children and raise them to love Christ. More and more couples in America are choosing to remain childless – often replacing children with pets.  We need Christian couples to intentionally raise up the next generation of faithful believers.

4.  I am praying they will love the local church and invest their lives in it. The college years are time when many young adults disconnect from the local church.  Unfortunately, many of them have seen hypocrisy, spiritual apathy, and conflict in the churches they have attended.  I am praying that they grasp the Biblical importance of God’s church and seek out a faith community that exalts Christ, preaches the Bible, and impacts the world.  I am praying that they commit to be faithful in a local church.

5)  I am praying they will be successful in the career fields they choose and use their influence to be strong witnesses for Christ. Many times, when a young adult begins to really get serious about their faith, they begin to question if they are called to ministry.  Certainly, this is true for some.  However, the Lord is at work raising up Christian attorneys, businessmen, teachers, nurses, etc.  Christians in such strategic places of leadership can have a tremendous impact for the Kingdom of God.

Will you join me in praying for the Class of 2014?


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