Podcasts that teach and encourage me

I will confess, I do enjoy talk radio.  As an avid sports fan, I enjoy sports talk – particularly about college football and basketball.  I also enjoy news talk about politics and current events.  Several months back, I realized that I had fallen into the trap of turning on my radio to talk radio every time I was in my car. I do enjoy great Christian music, but I have never really been a huge listener of music.  It’s live and in person where music blesses me most.  Bottom line:  I realized that was spending a lot of time just mindlessly listening to talk radio about the latest issues of the day. Too much time.  So, I searched for some podcasts to subscribe to that would intentionally teach me, broaden my horizons, and help me be more of the Christian and the leader that I need to be. While I had dabbled in podcasts in the past, it was strictly to listen to sermons from other preachers. Now, I have much greater variety.  Now, I spend my time in the car  listening to podcasts that help me. I listen while I exercise. It’s been a great blessing and encouragement to me that I had to share. Here are some podcasts I have found that are well worth my time (and yours) to listen to…

*****DISCLAIMER*****  My listing of these podcasts does not mean that I endorse every single viewpoint found in each one.  It simply means that I have found them valuable to help me think or to equip me.

The Briefing by Dr. Albert Mohler.   This is a daily analysis of news and events from a Christian worldview hosted by the president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky.  Dr. Mohler is one of the foremost thinkers in the evangelical Christian world.  I never listen to one of these podcasts that I do not learn about a development or issue that I had not heard of.   If you like to think through issues, this is the podcast for you.

The Table by Dallas Theological Seminary. Hosted by Dr. Darrell Bock, this podcast features a lengthy sit down conversation between Dr. Bock and another theologian or ministry leader about church and ministry issues.  I have listened to in-depth discussions of such subjects as the differences between Roman Catholic and evangelical theology,  cultural challenges facing the church today, and interpreting Old Testament narratives. If you have the time, this podcast is well worth your time.

Rainer on Leadership by Thom Rainer. Dr. Rainer is the CEO of LifeWay Christian Resources.  Every week, he churches out a podcast in which he discusses church leadership issues with recognized church ministry leaders.  The topics have ranged from church health to pastoral compensation to training people for ministry.

Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast by Andy Stanley.   Andy Stanley is the well-known Atlanta area pastor best known for his engaging communication style and unique approach to ministry.  Personally, I enjoy his leadership lessons far more than his sermons. He only produces one leadership podcast per month, but I absolutely will not miss it.

This is Your Life by Michael Hyatt.  This podcast is primarily focused on business leadership, but Michael Hyatt is a committed Christian who made his name in the publishing industry.  He covers such topics as “top 10 productivity hacks” and “4 difficult sentences for leaders and why you must say them.”   Michael is transparent and often splices in his personal leadership experiences in the business world.

Dr. Ted Traylor of Olive Baptist Church.  Not only is Ted a personal friend, but he is one of my favorite preachers.  It’s a joy to hear Ted teach expository messages with boldness, clarity, and a great sense of humor.

Dr. Lon Solomon of McLean Bible Church. A converted Jew, Lon Solomon is a tremendously gifted preacher and church leader.  Even though he serves in the Washington D.C. area, he stands firmly on the authority of the Bible, but he does it in a compassionate and engaging way.


What other podcasts have you found helpful?







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