Happy 15th birthday, David!!

There are a handful of truly life changing days in a person’s life. Certainly, the day in August, 1978 when I gave my life to Christ was one of those days.  December 18, 1993 was another – the day I married my wife and best friend, Becky.  July 31, 1998 was a third life changing day. It was on that day that I became a father. David Gregory Corbin was born.


I love this picture of David that was taken on a recent family trip because it captures his personality.  That sly grin gives a window into the sense of humor that all who know David enjoy.  On that day fifteen years ago, it was impossible to imagine David being a 6’3″ athlete who would playfully put his arm on my shoulder and say, “You’re short!”  It was also impossible to imagine the many joys and occasional tears that being a father involves. Nothing quite changes your life like becoming a father.  Being David’s father has certainly changed me – for the better!

David is extremely smart and talented. He is a very good athlete who averaged 14 points and 8 rebounds per game on the varsity basketball team as a freshman.  He enjoys drawing and is a little “artsy.”  He is extremely funny – especially when he gets warmed up!  He is well liked by his peers and teachers at school. He is respected at school and at church and our student ministers tell me that other kids look to him as a leader. He is great with younger kids and one of his favorite ways to serve is as a leader in our AWANA ministry, helping with the younger groups.

Most of all, I am thankful that I see David growing as a Christian. I had the privilege of leading David to the Lord in his bedroom after church one Sunday night and baptizing him while we served in Pell City. THOSE were some special moments!  As he enters these crucial older teenage years, I continually pray that his faith will continue to blossom and truly be his own in a more real way than ever before.

David, your dad loves you and is proud of you.  Happy 15th birthday to my “eldest son” and to a wonderful young man!

One thought on “Happy 15th birthday, David!!

  1. I remember that day 15 years ago very well!! I was so….excited to become Aunt Amy! For all that know David, I started his LOVE for shoes ha ha ha. I think I bought him a new pair every couple of months. Happy Birthday David!!

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