Happy 10th birthday Daniel !!


On January 29, 2003 the Lord blessed Becky and I with another healthy baby boy and Daniel Corbin entered our lives.  In case you are reading this blog and do not know our family, we have an older son, David, who will be the subject of a post like this on his birthday in July. Anyway, words cannot express the joy that Daniel has brought to our home.  Little did we know that Daniel would turn out to be a very fitting name for the little boy who was born at Brookwood hospital.

Daniel is tough as nails and a fierce competitor (something about having an older brother I’m told).  He is extremely independent and a hard worker.  As a matter of fact, it offends him if you ask about his homework.  He just does it and does it extremely well!  He will work for hours at a time to improve in whatever sport he is playing.  Speaking of sports, I do not believe I have ever seen a child that loves sports more than Daniel does.  If he has an idle minute, he will be out the door and bouncing a ball in a matter of seconds!  The picture above is Daniel just before his first football game this season. He also plays basketball and baseball.

Daniel is an absolutely huge football fan. In his short life, he has already cheered the Alabama Crimson Tide on to three national championships.  In fact, on the first day of school this year, his teacher had each student fill out a paper that listed their favorite foods, TV shows, etc.  On the question that asked for Daniel’s favorite place to go on vacation, he replied, “Tuscaloosa.”  As the father who has financed family trips to Disney World, Washington D.C., the beach, and a host of other places, I asked Daniel why he put that in light of all of the wonderful places he has visited.  Without missing a beat, Daniel said, “Dad, Tuscaloosa just feels like home!”

Most of all, I had the privilege of praying with Daniel as he gave his life to Christ one night in his bedroom.  The next Sunday, I had the privilege of baptizing Daniel at Whitesburg with most of our family there.  Even though he is only ten years old, I am continually amazed at how much scripture Daniel knows and how many of the Bible stories he can recall in great detail.  I really do believe that Daniel knows more of the Bible than I did when I started college! He is showing signs of growing into a young man who loves the Lord and it is that for which I am most proud of Daniel.

Happy birthday, Daniel!  Your dad loves you, and your dad is proud of you!  Oh yes, one more thing in honor of Daniel….Roll Tide!

2 thoughts on “Happy 10th birthday Daniel !!

  1. Sounds like a young man you all can be proud of now and for the rest of his life. I am sure you two have been great shepherds for him God Bless you for that. And also thanks for making Joseph seem human..ha

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