Clash of the worldviews

Dr. Del Tackett who helped produce Focus on the Family’s excellent series “The Truth Project” defines a person’s worldview in this way… A person’s worldview consists of the values, ideas or the fundamental belief system that determines his attitudes, beliefs and ultimately, actions. It’s important to understand that there are many worldviews in operation today.Continue reading “Clash of the worldviews”

The new tolerance isn’t the old tolerance: Josh McDowell saw it coming

In 1996 I attended my second Southern Baptist Convention in the New Orleans Superdome. One of the speakers was the well-known Christian apologist Josh McDowell.  In his sermon to Southern Baptists that year, McDowell surprisingly did not speak about the evidence for the Christian faith.  Instead he discussed the rise of what he called “theContinue reading “The new tolerance isn’t the old tolerance: Josh McDowell saw it coming”

Two indispensable ingredients of leadership

Leadership is needed in all areas of life.  Leadership is needed in our homes, in our companies, on our sports teams, etc. Leadership is needed in the church.  Leadership is needed in government and civic organizations.  In fact, many of the issues that we face today can be traced to a lack of good leadership.Continue reading “Two indispensable ingredients of leadership”

A thoughtful response to the gay marriage issue

I just came across this interview from USA Today.  The Catholic Archbishop of San Francisco gives a very thoughtful defense of traditional marriage and the life of the unborn. While I certainly would have many theological disagreements with Archbishop Cordileone, I do admire his very strong stand on these issues and his responses are wellContinue reading “A thoughtful response to the gay marriage issue”